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Jim Rivas Tells his LifePath Unlimited Story

Jim Rivas' Path through LifePath Unlimited to JMAP, and back to LifePath: The story of how it all happened.

5 starsJim Rivas joined LifePath Unlimited back in January 2007 as the first Independent Marketer to do so in what is called the Visionary Program. After rapidly becoming top global earner in his first direct sales network marketing opportunity, Jim was looking for a change. He had learned from experience that having a product that made a different for his clients was important his prospects, and he did not feel that his current company, which delivered an online video product, was meeting that criteria. Simply put Jim Rivas was looking for a Commercially Marketable product line attached to an opportunity which was incredibly lucrative.

Jim Rivas Million Dollar Earner PlaqueYou see, Jim Rivas had been a 7 Figure Earner in the direct sales industry, a Industry Legend by most accounts because he hit 7 figures so fast with zero industry experience, and with only 2 tiers of products in and industry where this type of company offers 3 tiers of product with instant profits of $1,000, $5,000, and $9,000. So what Jim Rivas was looking for wasn't just another "deal". He was looking for a "Game Changer". An opportunity and company committed to excellence; a company that delivers products with value so good you could back them up with money back guarantees. Jim discovered that Joe Neid and Dave Makenzie were embracing those very same ideas and more importantly, putting them into action with their new company, LifePath Unlimited.

Joe Neid and Dave Makenzie at Glacier Lake OregonSo Jim hopped on an Airplane on his way to an Event in Panama, to take a "detour" to Medford Oregon to meet with Joe Neid and Dave Makenzie to take a look at this new fledgling company, LifePath Unlimited. Medord was breathtakingly beautiful (see Glacier Lake), yet more importantly what Jim saw at the LifePath production facility (where Awakening was being filmed) was a commitment to quality and excellence that he had not encountered in the industry until that moment. Within an hour, Jim wrote the check, signed up, and became LifePath's 1st Independent Distributor as part of the LifePath Visionary Program.

Joe Neid and Dave Makenzie at Glacier Lake OregonThen Jim did what everyone was surprised about. Two weeks after signing up with LifePath Unlimited, he resigned from EPI, when he was on top, the top earner globally in that program, a documented multiple 7 Figure earner. Why would he do that? Jim was so excited about what LifePath was doing that he wanted to devote all of his energy to assisting Joe and Dave in getting up and off the ground immediately. The result? Jim Rivas became the Top Earner in LifePath and swept the global competition in the Fall of 2007. Even before Life Path began shipping the Discovery Series, Jim had sold over $600,000 in LPU products simply selling the "idea" and the vision that is LifePath Unlimited. The awards were presented at the first Breakthrough Event ever, held in Peurto Rico.

In 2008 Jim went on a detour, became inactive in LPU, as he persued the building of The Joint Marketing Alliance featuring JMAP; an automated Internet Marketing System designed for beginners and advanced marketers alike.

In 2011, with JMAP completed and fully tested and working for 100% of JMAP users, Jim decided that getting back into a Top Tier Opportunity would be a good idea now that he had the equivalent of Internet Marketing Nuclear Weapons and laser guided bombs. Simultaneously, Joe Neid and Dave Makenzie had a conversation with a LifePath member who Jim had recruited back in 2007, Marquiese Jeffrey, at their Peru Destiny Event. In those discussions at Destiny in Peru, Marquiese revealed to the LPU founders the nature and capabilities of the JMAP system, and how it could be used to help LifePath with it's corporate marketing and Internet presence as well as arm their marketers with a system that will enable them to compete on the Internet and win.

JMAP is being unvieled at Synergy in Dallas on August 26-28, 2011.


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