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What Jim Rivas' Customers Are Saying

"My one-on-one call with Jim Rivas was transcendent.

How many times people talk themselves out of doing something positive? Let me answer that question... too numerous to count.

Well, I have been participating in Jim Rivas' " Getting In the Game Call" since July 2007. This call has assisted me on my journey of re-connecting with my "Inner-Truth!"

Jim has an innate ability to be transparent, authentic and cutting-edge regarding personal development. His personal struggles and challenges concerning his desire for physical change have ignited a much needed change within my life. This change has occurred almost effortlessly.

I can hear him saying," What is behind your intension for this change?" How will this change make a difference in your life? These are just a few of the revelatory questions Jim asks on our weekly conference calls.

Reflecting over my past 6 1/2 years of being bed-ridden(due to a chronic illness) can make anyone a little bitter (in the prime of my life). But, I made the conscious decision to allow my past hurts to propel me into my new destiny.

Ironically, when I made that decision...that's when the universe allowed me to meet Jim Rivas in July of this year. Sitting under Jim's tutelage for the last (5) five months has allowed me to make quantum leaps in my health, mind and spirit.

Just today, I decided to stop being a spectator and decided to become a participator. How...? Well, I finally picked up the phone and called him--Jim Rivas.

Perhaps, this is a simple action for many and or most. But, for me this was HUGE! Especially after being isolated for so many years, playing out all of the negative thoughts and images in my mind of no longer feeling worthy.

While on this call... Jim never made me feel as though I was inconveniencing him. He treated me like I was the only person in the whole-wide world. He allowed me to banish any thoughts of negative beliefs or yield myself to any self-imposed sabbatory beliefs.

Jim's conversation was packed with infectious energy and thought provoking successes ...

We ended up talking for about 2 1/2 hours. Keep in mind, this man is busy. But, Jim is committed to making a difference in the lives of individuals whom he touches--daily.

Jim gave me a map with instructions for connecting some universal principles in my arsenal(concerning finances). This is not about motivation. Because I know for a fact...motivation does not last long. This is an entire mental paradigm shift.

Jim has assisted and equipped me with the tools to create/ design my new life. I have now learned...everything you want to build must be purchased with money of faith, and everything must begin as a mental structure before it can ever become a physical structure. The same is true with people. Everyone in your life shows up around the seed of your idea.

We must be armed with the right information for our minds to produce the results that increase our finances, health, emotions, mind and well being.

My future is limitless. Jim I am so thankful to God for allowing our paths to cross.

Never stop growing within your mind!"

Apryle Wilson

"ITV Ventures is an incredible business, but I still believe you have played an instrumental role in our success, the people hitting the ball out of the park, all trained under you, so many never did a thing with EPI, and you might not even remember them, but your training is paying off here in a big way. Thank you for that, I really needed a win ... thank you for your kind response. Have a great day!"
Lori Duff, Kentucky
ITV Ventures, Entrepreneur

"...As a man of GOD I feel really proud to hear your honest message every week and every time I hear you saying how blessed you are ... I feel joy for you (I am not jealous, I am just happy for you).

I have heard many six and seven figure income earners and I can tell you this much, at least for me, your message is a humble one and I can sense you do care for the people that are listening to your message (thanks for that and keep the good work).

PS: Jim, I have to be honest with you, many times when I hear you I said to myself, GOD knows that this is what I wanted to be/do since I was a teenager, "help millions to become better persons", you are my role model.    Keep up the good work"
Carlos Santamaria

"Hi Jim,
I want you to know, the Samarai Sessions were awesome!  Each lesson
was succinct and I especially appreciated the "back and forth" among all
the participants.  I believe the casual setting inspired practical
techniques to be revealed and allowed the lesson to be planted
like a seed immediately into the real world of internet marketing.  

I felt like I was sitting in your living room
surrounded by great friends and we were masterminding the
next "big thing!" "
Patricia Winston, Entrepreneur, Seattle, Washington

"[Samurai Marketing] is awesome!  I tip my hat to you. ... Thanks a million $"
Ed Wilkins, Entrepreneur, Florida

" THANK YOU again for being such a great ... mentor. I know I will be fine with all of this."
Sue G., Seattle, WA

"Dear Jim,
Having been a loan officer for the last 20+ years of my life, I just wanted to say how excited and thrilled I am to be a part of [company]. 

Over the years, I have worked for some of the largest Mortgage Companies in the country, and I can tell you that I have never been given the level of training that has been presented to me here with [company]. 

I don't know too many companies, that would invest that kind of time, energy and effort into my success the way this company has.  I have no doubt that I am going to reach levels of success and fulfillment like I have never experienced or reached before.  I really want to thank you and [company] for giving me this incredible opportunity.

Alison M. Pisani. Phoenix, AZ

"Hi Jim, I wanted to express my gratitude towards your unending efforts to lift me up 
to these unthought of levels I never imagined for my self. My dreams have become so 
large and expansive.  Your energy is so contagious, your knowledge so vast 
and patience so flexible, I hope to carry these tools into my team. I look forward to 
a bright future and hope I can assist you in many ways. 
Jim Killpack, Santa Ana, California

"Hey Jim, I just wanted to send you a little note telling you that I honestly appreciate what you do.You are an amazing man with a gift..........You really do have a god given gift and I am thankful that you share it with me and all of us on your team and everyone with [company]. I am not easily impressed and definitely not easily bull____ed. What I am trying to say is that I know you truly care and that you deserve everything that life has in store for you.I have never wanted to be like any other person in my life (besides my Dad) but you are the person that I look up to now and aspire to be like. I'd love to be able to help people the way you do. Thank You for being YOU"
Ray Polito, New York, New York

Jim, [your Getting in the Game on Thursday March 29, 2007] Quite possibly THE Best call I've ever heard. Not since my training at Erickson have I felt such a vibe. You are a true Leader and Teacher. Thank you for reminding me of who I am.
Nathan Z., Canada

Hey [Jim] .... Just wanted to say thank you. When I first joined EPI, I told you that I didn't know how to copy and paste and you were up front with me, and told me that I would need to learn to do that. Although, I know that I will never be a 'propeller head', I did learn a lot from you. Now I can cut, copy, paste, edit, attach. All of the very simple things in life. Still don't know 'beans' about website building, although I did do one, but not with out a lot of frustration.
I just wanted to say THANKS. "
Phyllis Meuller,
ITV Ventures, Entrepreneur
St. Louis, MO

My name is Dale Latino and I work in the printing industry. I was professionally educated at Central Piedmont Community College. Their Graphic Arts Program was #2 in the nation. Our teachers were from Fortune 500 Printing Companies. They were teaching new ideas and new cutting edge concepts right at the time of the evolving of the Macintosh computer. Throughout nearly fifteen years of working for other printing companies, I never found that kind of cutting edge management philosophy from a company.
Then I went to work for Jim Rivas. He will make you use your thinking cap and working with him will expand your thinking. He believes in hitting the ground running with plan in hand and back up plan in thought. He saw something in me as well because he furthered my education by sending me to a school to learn a state of the art printing press at HeidelbergUSA in Atlanta, Ga. A $2500.00 investment in me. Knowledge that I still use today in my work.
My work with Jim Rivas was cut short due to his change in occupation. In a short 4 years I felt like I was always learning something new all the time and more was always expected of me. The life skills that Jim projects puts off an sense of positivity, and after getting to know him, I knew that he would go far in life. If I could only get him to manage my record label."

All the best for you Jim,
Dale Latino
, New Orleans, LA

I was so excited to hear about your great new opportunity. I knew you would move on eventually to something to do with personal development. I am not sure what your new company is all about but I do know that you have motivated me more than anyone else has in a long time. I did not actually achieve any monetary success with EPI but I learned alot about myself and other people from you. I moved on and joined a company with a binary compensation plan. My Brother has been successful with the company and is helping me get a good start. Because it is binary he is able to put people under me where I need them so I can get a good start. I have actually made some money, had people join directly with me and also learned how to trade in the forex market. I feel that if it weren't for you I would never have been open to this opportunity. I still have the motivational emails that you sent me when I asked for your help. I appreciate everything you have done for me. I wanted to make sure you knew what a help you have been to me. I'm sure you don't even know how many people you have had a wonderful effect on. I will continue to remember what you have taught me. You deserve to be successful
beyond your wildest dreams. I am interested to know more about what [company] is, I will continue to check the website. I wish you all the best. Thanks for everything," Susan Shaw

“I had a very promising career with a fortune 100 company, with assets in excess of 100 Billion dollars, when I was stricken with a catastrophic illness, MS, and my Doctor informed me that my body could not handle the emotional demands that were associated with my career, he took me out of my life and sent me home to live, and grow a future for my Children, with $930.00 a month in benefits! Not even enough to survive, let alone provide any kind of future for my children.Jim, do you see why I feel you changed everything for me ? All of the other people in my life said "Oh what a shame she had such a wonderful chance at life", "she was really going places" JIm, you never treated me like my life was over, you always treated me like it was just beginning, and you gave me the tools I needed to continue on, and build something worthwhile, to secure my childrens future in a World filled with limitations ... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, you are a blessing to me. AS always
Lori Duff, Kentucky
ITV Ventures, Entrepreneur

“As a former Navy Pilot, I view all businesses as a unique “aircraft” that have to be flown! All business owners are in actuality “pilots”! Jim Rivas is the best “business” pilot I have ever met!

Here is why:

• Pilots MUST know their aircraft [business] inside and out and focus on growing that understanding;
• Pilots MUST know [through rigorous, transitional and inner transformational training] who they are as an individual and as a pilot and have great confidence in their aircraft and especially in themselves – as a pilot;
• Pilots MUST mentally and emotionally “FLY AHEAD OF THEIR AIRCRAFT” [business] – so they can make quick and correct decisions and choices “in the moment” – knowing their very lives and others’ lives depend on that ability and skill;

To violate these principles of “piloting reality” is to guarantee a “crash and burn” scenario!

Jim Rivas exemplifies all these attributes of being the best “business” pilot in the internet marketing today – the Supreme Squadron Leader! In addition, he is developing a whole new generation of “business aircraft” ! He is not only flying that new aircraft, but is developing a whole squadron community of such pilots!
James S.

“… I wanted to pass on my thoughts and appreciation for your inspiration and impact on people. Vegas was amazing. The compliment of your presentation followed by Michael [Losier] could have been the end of the day as far as I was concerned. Not that the other stuff was not good but your session stole show and made the trip there worth it ... I am grateful that I am attracting all the people, situations, information, and support I need to be successful in my business. I am grateful for the part you have played in all this. I actually met you first at the Millionaire Mind Intensive … I had no idea what you were building here … I was so inspired that I built a new website based on what you presented … Thanks again Jim.“
Jerry A. ThompSon

“Hey Jim,
It's 11 PM. Thursday night, I just got off of your Getting in the Game call. You Sir are one exceptional person. Great call tonight!! "
David Nielson, Colorado

“I want to thank you for all you have done to help me in this year. When I look back at one year I see a huge amount to be thankful for in the much improved skills, but most important is my attitude I have about me, life and my future and it has come about as a result of your help " Dr. Clyde Houston, Irvin, Texas

“Jim, Incredible GITG last night ... you just keep getting "more tuned in" - When you said "Getting Past Your Past" and the concept of inventory, measure, journal, I got a huge step closer to really "getting it" Thanks for all you do~ John A., Napa, CA

“You're a great inspiration to me, Jim. Multi-Million dollar biz ... single dad (two teenagers) ... moving into a new house a year after Katrina ... helping mold our community into one big happy family. Gives me the energy to do more, that's for sure! Thanks for all your help.”
Kevin K., Phoenix, AZ

“Jim, as you a I spoke about, I have been in search of a mentor worthy of the name. I have had a few missed opportunities when it comes to connecting with a person that will take an active interest in my progress, beyond any financial return ... Thank you for the time you spent with me, even though there was no financial gain to be had by you.
"Meeting" you continues to be a great inspiration. Although I want to reciprocate your kindness, you don't seem to want anything from me... just the satisfaction of helping another human being off the wheel of consensus reality and into a consciousness where every fulfillment flows. As you know, it is not a world for the meek, timid and weak. One must be bold, courageous and strong---like you. “

Lee K., Bangor, MA

“ … with his talent and commitment to his project, jim has put together a very special community here, a truly dream team. This Community is a WOW Product by itself! I want thank you guys all for the wonderful help you give us everyday.
Marianella V., Stockton, CA

" ... I just want to thank you for all of the effort you put in to our team. You have created a 1 of a kind community of entrepreneurs and shown us the way! Your ongoing commitment to your own self improvement so you can deliver more for us is astonishing and much appreciated. I've never seen anything like this. This community and all you teach us has changed not only my life, but my husband's as well (yes he's been listening in). Thanks again Jim!"
Ad P , Los Angeles, CA

The Missing Link... Found                                              

"I've been Marketing on The net for 4 years now, with limited success. On the first training session you revealed a Google trick I never heard before. This information was the "missing link" that kept me out of the Big Time. Thanks to you guys, I'll never make that mistake again. The hands on training and personal mentoring you provide our team is priceless. I Qualified 4 days after starting my 1st campaign."
William F.- Los Angeles

I just wanted to say thanks for being a leader in our company and being unselfish to divulge how you go to business. This past weekend was an incredible experience for all of us in attendance.

Thank you for choosing to be there this last weekend. With the kind of money your making, it would be real easy to get lost on a far away island with your children but you were there with us. God is truly blessing you and you are using your talents to help others succeed.

Thanks Jim,

Bryan K

Jim, the training was great on Saturday! It helped me realize to be in he moment not in my head.It has already helped me yesterday and today! Thank You!!
Jim S., N. Carolina

"I spent four months in the LLI void trying to learn the process and figure out how to connect with individuals who had an interest in changing their lives for the better. The turning point came when I was all but instructed to worry about my own results and let the people on my team fend for themselves. I had enough. I decided that reinvesting in my future by changing to a better process was far better than writing off the money that I had already invested and walking away from my dreams and goals. I found ... Jim Rivas by chance on an Internet advertisement. I'm so glad that I did and I look back on that chance occurrence in the first week of March 2005 as a life changing event. With Jim's training and support, I was no longer left to fend for myself ... I have since gone on to profit in my first month and have since been earning a 6 figure income from home while having a life too ... I consider myself very fortunate to be a part of this community. The great thing is that my associates can benefit from Jim's training and support as well."
Rubin D, Dallas, TX

Hi Jim,
... I am learning a lot and very grateful to be under your tutelage. Thanks for all you do and for your inspiration. I am praying daily for you to receive strength and courage to complete the tasks under the exhausting challenges of both business and weather
Sue W., Montana


Thanks Jim,
I must say that your style and mentoring … is very cool and professional. I've learned so much in 1 week with your guidelines and teaching and think that the next 90 days will be very profitable for me and my business thanks to your mentoring!! YOU ROCK!!!
Rich from AZ

"The thing that originally made me comfortable with Jim is that he has a background in corporate sales, as do I, rather than network marketing. His whole approach to this business embodies a degree of professionalism that would fit in any Fortune 500 environment. This means that when your prospects attend his trainings, they are left with the impression of dealing with a legitimate and viable enterprise, not another here-today-gone-tomorrow MLM scam.

The other real plus with being part of his team community, is there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Once you enroll, you are handed the tools to immediately set up your infrastructure and get running. No months and months of painful trial and error trying to sort out what works from what doesn't. It was the worth the price of admission just to learn what he knows about Google Adwords pay per click, a truly powerful, effective, leading edge marketing method. I would ever have even known about it without Jim's mentoring. Also, Jim’s programs are so complete, that with his materials, there was no guess work. Again, this is an enormous time saver.

While Jim is a very busy guy, he will nonetheless make time to answer your important questions and share his valuable experience and insight. With a mentor like this guy, you cannot help but be aimed for success. All you need to do is supply the time, effort and desire! "

With best regards,
Brian Shaffner, Irving TX

I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you are putting into this community. I haven't been with your organization for long; however, my expectations of the training I would receive have been more than met. I appreciate your candid comments and sound advice. I would have gladly paid $1295 for all of this training … Anyway, "I say this not to impress you but to impress upon you that" I (we) really appreciate it.
Karen (& Glen), Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

" ... Well, I came across Jim Rivas, I began to email him and realized after a short period of time that he definitely had a handle on this business and was fast becoming successful. I knew he knew how to do this business and he was putting in an awesome training program specifically for his team. I wanted this training, not just for myself, but for any distributors I brought into the business. Jim is honest, straightforward and, unlike what you find in many of the Home Business and MLM opportunities, he is totally non-hype …. Jim has really gone the extra mile to put forth a training module that will pretty much guarantee your success, as long as you emulate what he does. If you put in the activity and follow his lead you can’t help but succeed. I'm so thankful for the day I came across Jim Rivas online, because it does matter who you learn from and mentor with. It does make a big difference in your success or lack of it. I truly believe that there is no reason for anyone who mentors with Jim Rivas not to find the prosperity they want. You would have no one to blame but yourself."
Anne Marie P., Indianapolis, IN

"My name is Garrett W, I am BiPolar and have always had trouble learning & comprehending. I want to share with you my experience with Jim Rivas and his training system. Jim takes success & failure very personally & he is committed to making us all successful. Jim refuses to leave anyone behind ! There just isn't anyone more real out there that you can meet that will teach and help you achieve your goals. His daily trainings are incredible and I'm fortunate to have him as my mentor and friend."
Garrett W, New Jersey

"Jim.... I know that when I plug into your training, I come out with something new that I learn and put to use immediately to increase my results."
Robert Dudly

"Jim ... your call this morning was inspiring!! You hit the nail right on the head for most of us I believe!! ... You are an awesome leader yourself!! Your passion is magnetic!! Just wanted to let you know!! Of course your bank account is already telling you that
:-) But we all like/need to be affirmed by others. I'm really glad to be on your team!! "

Cathy B, Anahiem, CA

"... I just wanted to say "thanks" for that great info on the calls this morning and this afternoon! I appreciate your Internet Marketing Training on the call, and I have read some of Perry Marshall's Definitive Guide, which your call today helped me understand it even better. You are a great teacher, Jim! I'm so glad I took time off work yesterday and today to get on these calls.”
Anne P., Chicago, IL

"Jim, I just want to thank you again for your help and guidance with lead generation. As a sales manager for the past 20 years, I certainly understand the sales process although I can't believe how rusty I am - I used to be very good! With your help I am becoming better than ever!.

Lead generation is the single most important part of this business and the toughest. You have developed a great process that is repeatable but there is still an art to this that can't be taught. Your advertising co-opt is extraordinary and will help everyone out. Thanks again for your great work - you make what most people perceived to be hype within reach."

Michael S., Arlington, VA

"Jim, your Thursday night "Getting in Your Game" tele-seminar has become a no-miss event for me every week. It is where I go to continue my own personal development. You are inspirational and your approach is simple yet very real and understandable. Thank you for spending an hour with us every Thursday night."
Dick V., Las Vegas, NV

“Jim, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for taking the time to share with us the fundamentals of Group Mail. You have an excellent manner in which you communicate technical concepts. I am not one good with technical concepts but I am getting better … You have raised the bar to what is possible … Thanks for your personal help. I know you are busy and I really want you to know I appreciate your personal touch”.
Regards, Charlie W., Atlanta, GA

“Jim! ... Well, I read Home Business Launch Guide. I really enjoyed it too. As I was reading page after page, I realized that I can definitely do this with confidence and determination. So, I definitely will follow your instructions for each week. Thanks a million Jim.”
Chandler H.,Conyers, GA

"Thanks Jim! Great Job!! Your awesome! I really appreciate what your doing for us!"
Dustin H., Denver, CO

“great training saturday....I had was intense but fun and seems like it cuts to the core of what we all have to do so I hope we do that several times a week …”
Cynthia M., Dayton, OH

“Just have to tell you how AWESOME that Advanced Training was on Saturday morning. You are making a difference in my business and my life. Thank you!”
Marilyn P., San Francisco, CA

“Hi Jim, A big thanks this morning. We really do appreciate the time you took this morning to counsel us through a difficult moment. We can't tell you how much it means to us that you took time out of your business schedule ( and we know you are a busy guy) to talk with us. Best Regards”
Ady P, Anahiem, CA

"Hi Jim. I will follow your guidance until I succeed. Thank you for all of your work to make a big difference in this world! Bless your heart!"
Chiwa M., Seattle, WA

"Yes the fantastic thing is this there is a wealth of knowledge that has revolved and been harnessed from you and only a fool would ignore that valuable knowledge. Your training, mentoring, and support have totally impressed me. Even long after one would expect that you continue to help, you are always there. And you always have something to teach this entrepreneur in development”
David G., Manchester, England

" ... your talk in Las Vegas was moving, informative, and timely. It seemed like you were speaking to me from the stage. I know with a leader like you in my life I can achieve anything I put my mind to".
James K., Billings, MT

"... just when I think I have learned all I can about Sales and Marketing from you, you surprise me. Is there any bottom to your knowledge? Is there any situation you don't have an answer for? ... Your approach just shows what it really takes to succeed ... you keep working to improve yourself"
Cindy B., Simi, CA

“ Last Thursday The Get in the Game tele-seminar was awesome. You really hit the ball out of the park for me. I realized on that call what was holding me back … that I was limiting myself, my beliefs.

Beginning on Friday I was conversing with much more confidence and I actually made a big sale on Monday. After a few weeks of struggling, things are now going the right way. Thanks, and I will continue to be on that call”.

Earnest F., New York, NY

“Yes the fantastic thing is this there is a wealth of knowledge that has revolved and been harnessed from you and only a fool would ignore that valuable knowledge. Your training, mentoring, and support have totally impressed me. Even long after one would expect that you continue to help, you are always there. And you always have something to teach this entrepreneur in development”
David G., Manchester, England

“Monday evening's mindset call was the best I have ever heard. Jim was in a zone. When I first enrolled in this group I was not certain about the value of the training and support that I was going to get. That has changed … I am very impressed and completely satisfied that this community support group is the best thing I’ve ever seen. Thank you for all you do!”
Ron K., Toronto, Canada

"Jim … You are a gifted speaker … Thanks for a very thought provoking and self evaluating hour.”
Don B., Charlotte, NC

“Jim, I listened to the calls tonight from my cell phone. I have to tell you that your motivation skills continue to amaze me Jim. What a wonderful "Get in the Game" call Jim. Thanks for all the time and effort you give to us.”
Victor G., Omaha, NB

“I was introduced to your team by an associate of mine that introduced me to his home business. I had been working as a corrections officer in a Maximum Level 4 Prison in California for almost 10 years. I had tried a couple of different MLM programs over the years and nothing ever worked. They were great businesses, but I never seemed to get the training and mentoring I needed to help me succeed. I have never owned my own business before, but I always dreamed of being financially free working for myself from home. This dream eluded me until joining your organization and plugging into your training and mentoring program. This is the dream I was looking for. Your program is so complete that I was able to leave that dangerous line of work for good recently, and I am confident that I have acquired the knowledge and skills to succeed. And when I hit speed bumps, I know you guys are here. I just wanted you to know that you have changed my life for good! On behalf of my family and me, thank you for being here!”
John C., Modesto, CA

"Jim ... I listening here in awe on tonight's call!"
Ron V., Reno, NV

“Jim … Just a quick note to give you a big thanks for the absolutely "fab" cocktail reception you hosted for our team. It was beautiful, delicious and another great opportunity to meet with both of you and other community members. It was a great weekend.”
Ad P, Los Angeles, CA

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