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Jim Rivas to Announce Breakthrough "Game Changing" Automated Marketing Technology in March 2015.

After 5 years of R&D, tens of thousands of hours, and millions of lines of code, Marketing Your Business on the Inernet Just Got a lot easier and completely simple. Top of page 1 results and complete market space domination is available to those who Use this NEW Technology.

What can you learn from a Record Breaking Marketing and Sales Professional?

Rain Making +++

Providing Entrepreneurs Technical and Life Skills Know
How for Market Domination in Today's Network Marketing, Direct Sales, and Traditional Small Business Climate

... Your Success Should Not Be Left to Chance

Greetings Fellow Entrepreneur!

Are you seeking a huge increase in your personal income? Jim Rivas is someone that can deliver marketing training, advanced sales training, and mentoring support that is the "Whole Package" to make your journey faster, easier, and much more fun.

You Learn not just the "What to do ", but the "How To do it ". He has used the Internet AND other marketing modalities himself to generate huge results for his own businesses, and he can teach how to do the same for yours.

"Jim Rivas is the first person I've seen come along that has not only complete technical skills and knowledge, but also excellent people skills. He understands completely how to integrate all of the technology with people to create true opportunity for anyone that will simply follow his roadmap to success"
Dr. Charlie Drake, Medical Doctor, Entrepreneur

"I am traditionally not been a big fan of Network Marketing because of many of the people I have encountered in the Industry. I can tell you without a doubt that Jim Rivas is one of those rare exceptions to the rule ... he does it right ... with the highest standards of integrity ... people like him are few and far between in that industry ... if you are looking to get into that type of business, Jim is definitely someone you want to talk to."
Kenrick Cleveland , Master Teacher, Entrepreneur

"Jim is an amazing leader ... he does it right. He is also one of the top marketers in Network Marketing today and has a amazing success story ... He is someone you want to get to know in this industry and he can assist you in your own journey for a better life"
Dr. Ellie Drake, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

"Your call's been inspiring to A LOT of people who at one point, use to think home business and MLM was a total rip off ... coming on your call tonight who finally got a chance to "see the light" thanks to listening in to one of your past calls. Appreciate all your help Jim. Your  work is really making a difference in many of our futures."
Allan G.
,Entrepreneur, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Regardless of your choice of income vehicle, modern day entrepreneurial minded individuals are faced with challenges never before seen in the realm of commerce and free enterprise. The information age has brought profound changes in the speed that you can acquire business, and the speed with which you can loose it.

The Internet has completely changed how consumers buy. Your competition is seconds (a click) away. If you seek serious and sustainable success you must learn how to play in that new arena. And since the rules in the arena change rapidly, learning from an individual that is "In The Game Now" will provide you unequaled "up to the minute" value.

"I have mentored with several of the biggest names in Personal Development for Network Marketers. While I have learned much about personal development from those individuals, no-one has helped me put it all together like Jim Rivas. He is in the game now and has not only the experience of a successful traditional business owner, but also as a global top producer in the direct sales industry. Because of his training, and mentoring support I have been able to learn and build a whole new business that did not require borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars as my previous medical practices had."
Dr. Clyde H., Doctor of Optometry and Entrepreneur, Irvine, Texas

How to Create Your Unique Advantage in Your Marketplace

Success principles are like physical laws, which means they are repeatable, duplicate-able, and predictable. Those that can apply these principles in new and innovative ways have a unique advantage in the marketplace.

There is only one certainty in business, change happens. You are either being affected by it, or you are effecting your marketplace; setting the standard, the pace; changing the marketplace for others. Which one do you think is the more prosperous?

What separates the game changers from those that have their game changed on them? Is it Knowledge? Is it Wisdom and Experience? No, it's Mind set mixed with some guts. Those that subscribe to the "Status Quo" have their market changed on them. Those that have the Mind set of the Game Changer, change the market for everyone else. Which one do you want to be?

Just ask Yahoo and MSN what's it's like chasing Google. Wouldn't you say Google has a Unique Advantage in the Marketplace. They are Game Changers, and once they changed the game, it was lights out for everyone else.

What You Can Learn From Jim Rivas So That You Too Can Become A Game Changer

Leveraging the Power of the Internet Who has all of the money out there? ... people do. So where does prosperity lie? ... with people. What is the fastest most wide reaching communication medium to find people? the Internet. What's the fastest way to bring value to people? ... the Internet. That being said it is reasonable to consider that learning how to acquire prospects and sales leads via the Internet would be an easy way for a small business to get new customers. Wouldn't it?

JImRivasHBCMagazineCoverOf course it is, but have you learned how to yet? Do you have the ability to generate endless numbers of leads to grow your business? If your answer is no and yet you still are serious about building prosperity then there is only one right answer, you have to take the time and apply the resources needed to learn it.

But learning to market on the Internet can be a daunting and expensive proposition. Because of this, so many Small Business Owners and Network Marketers are reduced to lead purchasers because they do not have the skills, and they think that it will cost a kings ransom to acquire those skills.

"There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction." John F Kennedy

Internet Marketing for the rest of us Jim Rivas is one of the rare Internet Marketing trainers that teaches everything from the Basics to the Advanced "How To" though an online membership training platform called Samurai Marketing and LIVE classroom environment with ongoing support tele-seminars.

"Jim I'm so impressed by your patience and detail with which you instruct us. It is a unique learning environment, especially for Internet marketing training. Most Internet marketing trainers and "Guru's" don't want to bother teaching the basics in great detail making it very difficult for newbies like me to get up and running ... "
Michael Meridian, Entrepreneur
, Seattle, WA

Jim brings a very unique and thorough training style to his pupils where he explains his strategies in great detail. He can speak and teach in language that the non-technical can understand, and he won't confiscate large sums of cash and a percentage of your sales to do so. With several learning formats to chose from, you can go from being an Internet Marketing "Wanta Be" to an active, results producing Game Changer in a matter of a few days and weeks instead of years. Learn More About Samurai Session Webinars Here

The Missing Link... Found
"I've been Marketing on The net for 4 years now, with limited success. On the first training session you revealed a Google trick I never heard before. This information was the "missing link" that kept me out of the Big Time. Thanks to you Jim, I'll never make that mistake again. The hands on training and personal mentoring you provide ... is priceless. I was in profits in days from that first training. Thanks Again!"
William F. - Los Angeles, Small business and Internet Entrepreneur

Purpose Driven Marketing The conventional wisdom of business tells us that our marketing should be product and benefit driven. If you look around the Internet 99.9% of all advertising you will see fits into this mold. However, when you want to be a Game Changer in your market, you require a different marketing strategy and perspective.

No matter what the product or opportunity, a greater purpose for the consumer exists. Finding that greater purpose and centering your marketing on that purpose will endear you to your prospects and clients, which produces what? Happy clients that keep on buying, Right?

Jim Rivas has taught hundreds of entrepreneurs to market their niche in a greater expanded context so they can separate from the rest. As your business and marketing consultant, Jim can help you create marketing campaigns and sales processes that will eliminate skepticism and resistance in your customers.

"Hi Jim, I want you to know, the Samurai Sessions were awesome! Each lesson was succinct and I especially appreciated the "back and forth" among all the participants. I believe the casual setting inspired practical techniques to be revealed and allowed the lesson to be planted like a seed immediately into the real world of internet marketing.  I felt like I was sitting in your living room surrounded by great friends and we were masterminding the next "big thing!"" Patricia W., Entrepreneur, Seattle, Washington

"Jim, the new marketing systems and sales trainings you are providing for (his opportunity ) are incredible, and they WORK! I'm blown away by not only by the sales technology unfolding with (my company) , but also the sales technology that we are using in our scripts and presentations. I've been in Fortune 500 sales for 15 years, and I've never seen anything like what we are doing here. This is a Blast!" Gary W. - San Diego, CA Ex-Fortune 500 company executive

Rejection Free Selling (Push vs. Pull Marketing) Is the word "Selling" a dirty word for you? Does the thought of "Selling" scare you or make you uncomfortable? Why is that? If you are like most people, just the thought of rejection conjures up the feeling of pain. As a result, most people simply hate selling, and generally dislike sales people. This prevents most people from engaging in the most noble and highest paying profession there is, Sales.

If you don't like selling, we have great news for you! There exists a method of selling that everyone can do that is also non-abrasive and fun. Wouldn't you agree that if you were able to increase your sales 3-4 times, with one quarter the effort; that your life would be easier? Jim has developed a unique system that he has used to generate Top Income Earner Results with 2 Direct Sales Network Marketing Companies between 2004 and 2007.

Jim Rivas teaches a unique and non-pushy sales style that utilizes systemized selling approaches with the power of the personal touch. This approach has been the cornerstone of Jim's success, and he teaches it on live tele-seminars several times a week. To learn more visit the Mach 1 Relationships Main Site .

"Jim your Mach 1 Relationships Training Series is over the top ... I've been studying advanced Sales strategies for several years now and have been selling high end investment products ... and no one has quite put the "system" of relationship building together as you have. It has enabled me to be a far more effective prospector and relationship builder ... the results of having those skills is more sales with less effort. I'm having my best year in a long time since learning these strategies "
Greg H., Dallas, TX.

Structured "Steps to Abundance" Success Training Expect that your growth in financial results will track closely with your own personal growth. Having been through years on the small business hamster wheel himself, Jim Rivas understands that working harder at one's job will only produce small changes in your results.

After 19 years of thinking he had enough education in college, Jim embraced the principles of self growth, spend thousands of dollars on personal development seminars and information products, and most importantly put in the time learning the principles and putting them into practice. And much to his surprise, began producing results 10 times greater than he ever had before.

As a result of this experience, Jim has created a structured program designed for all entrepreneurs that will systematically place you on the path to complete abundance. Whether you are an aspiring, new, or struggling entrepreneur, Jim's program will provide you the definitive path to success.

His methods include some new twists to some old concepts, and his approach is focused on you becoming that prosperity attractor that you always wanted to be, but have not become yet because you have engaged in your quest as the same person you always were.

"Most of us keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Our current condition and situation are the after effects of choices and decisions we made in the past. Change how you think, the choices you make, and the action you take now, and your future after effects (results) will be far different than they are today" Jim Rivas

Doing the same thing will produce the same result. Do a new thing with the old you will also produce the same result. The key to changing it all, in a matter of weeks not years, is the focus of Jim's Life Transformation Training. You can join Jim's free "Getting in the Game of Life" weekly tele-seminars held on Tuesday Evenings at 10:10 PM EST. See the access number below.

"Jim, you've really hit it out of the park with the Getting in the Game Call. I have been in Network Marketing for over 20 years, and I have never heard a more "right on point" and powerful message than I get to hear week in and week out on this call.

I have heard many great personal development speakers during my time in this industry too, but your approach and message really resonate with me. I don't feel like I am being preached to. You really connect with your audience in an uncanny way on these calls. This ... call is now on my list of "Don't Miss" tele-seminars each week. It is the highlight of my week"
Richard T., Sanoma, CA, Home Business Entrepreneur, Former Insurance Company Executive


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The Bottom Line is that our society and our personal environments dramatically influence our ability to break out from where we are in the socioeconomic spectrum. The sad truth is that only 1% of the population knows abundance. Another 4% knows comfort, the rest knows struggle.

"It is my purpose to help change that, adding more to the abundance pool. My goal is to help as many people that want to be helped to break the bondage of the employment world, and the bondage of self-doubt and limiting beliefs. I want to arm as many people as possible with the Life Skills and Transformational Skills they need to change their own lives. And last but certainly not the least, my goal is to weaponize as many entrepreneurs as possible with the Internet skills and Modern business skills to become Game Changers." Jim Rivas

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