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Jim Rivas' Life Story is that of a typical Successful Entrepreneur.
It is complete with failure and success.



Jim Rivas'
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Jim and Marc Victor Hansen
Jim and Ken McCarthy
Jim and Jack Canfield
Jim and Dr. Ellie Drake, Dr Charlie Drake
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Jim and Miss Universe
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Jim (James) Rivas is a New Orleans native that was born in 1962 at a New Orleans Area Hospital. He attended Christian Brothers Lower School, De La Salle High, and University of New Orleans. Jim earned an advanced degree in Graphic Arts and Systems Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in '85, and went to work for a packaging printing and manufacturing company in Baltimore immediately after graduation.

In 1987 Jim returned to New Orleans to take over the operations of an 80 year old family printing and business forms manufacturing company, Rivas Business Forms (RBF). In 1993, Jim closed that business due to the rapid decline in the market for pre-printed business forms brought about by laser printing technology. During that 6 year stint, Jim took the company through a complete re-organization and attained profitability, only to have the market collapse a couple of years later.

The day after closing RBF, Jim opened a new company, Demand Publishing, Inc, a company that was a pioneer in the On Demand Printing industry. Starting with very little capital, Jim was able to grow this company rapidly. As one of the first players in the high service, fast turnaround On-Demand industry, Jim was able to focus on large Fortune 500 company clients. Demand Publishing remained in business until Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans in 2005. While, the business facilities were not damaged, the havoc caused by the scattering of the employees proved too big an obstacle to overcome. Jim had been out of active management of that business since 2004.

During his time with Demand Publishing, Jim also created a highly profitable division of the company, Showmaster Systems, which was a high-end trade show support service and software application service provider. The niche service offering was centered around a software system Jim wrote that was revolutionary to the trade show industry. This system allowed for real-time collection of data, and real time, variable data printed marketing publications to be published as show attendees walked into the trade show. This system is still widely used all across North America.

In the late 90's Jim introduced online trade support systems to the fold. was created as a captive online application service provider to trade show sponsors, and enabled most of the functions associated with organizing and pre-selling of trade show merchandise to be done online. This was another first in that industry, and Jim's software model is still widely used in the Merchandising Show sector.

Jim's business activities in the 90's required that he travel extensively in the continental US. Over a 10 year period this pace of life took it's toll. In 1998 Jim was involved in a work related accident where he severely damaged his spine in several places, necessitating what became 6 spine surgeries over 3 years. All during these health struggles, Jim was working to keep his companies growing. The physical and mental toll was high.

In 2004 Jim went through a divorce. The toll of the entrepreneurial life had been too great. Later that year, Jim became a single parent as his 2 teenage daughters came to live with him, propelling him to look into the Home Based Business sector for a new career.

In late 2004, Jim got started in the Internet Information Marketing business, starting a distributorship for an established Internet Publisher. While it took a few weeks to figure out, Jim got into a replacement income within 6 weeks.

By early 2005, it was clear that Jim found his calling. The structure of his business required networking, and Jim developed systems that greatly automated the Networking Process on the Internet. Within 6 months, Jim became the top producer in the world in direct sales information marketing, from his home. In fact, he broke all industry records in his rapid ascent.

Jim became a student of Personal Development once he was initially exposed to PD in the Network Marketing Industry, and now teaches and coaches hundreds of people in the finer points of mind set, and mental toughness for success. Jim hosts a live Free Tele-seminar called Getting in Your Game every Thursday evening. To get information about accessing that call or joining Jim's prosperity community, simply opt-in to the mail list above.

In 2006, Jim opened InterProsperidigm University, an educational business centered on delivering the Internet Marketing, and InterNetworking know how to aspiring small business entrepreneurs. With a vision of delivering hard hitting, "no fluff" success training, he began work to put together a training company complete with life skills training and technical training; essentially everything an aspiring small business owner would need to grow their business rapidly and manageably. Jim will be bringing his message to the masses via Internet Marketing and Live Events, and showing people how to globalize their business and cementing long term client relationships. To learn more visit

In January 2007 Jim took another path in his life, and become part of an upstart direct selling program. He left Emerald Passport as the all time Top Producer to get involved in a business that was more focused on Personal Development, a topic that he had developed a great interest in during his first 2 years in home based free enterprise.

With an eye on eventually opening his own company, Jim gained much industry experience in 2007 and 2008 while working with a couple of upstart networking programs. His unique and agressive approach catapulted him to be top earner in those 2 opportunities.

Jim began a marketing training and sales training program that launched using a webinar format in August 2007 called the Samurai Sessions. As part of that training series, Jim provides live webinar format Internet Marketing training for beginners as well as more advanced concepts. Designed to teach in a format even the beginner can understand, Jim has helped dozens of people get started marketing on the Internet with great success.

While marketing is 1 of the 2 cornerstones to success in free enterprise, Jim clearly understands where the rubber meets the road in the industry, relationship building. Over the past 3 years, he has studied under some of the top sales trainers and personal development experts while having great success in his own business. In March 2007, Jim was accepted into an elite coaching program that introduced him to a whole new level of sales, mastery of the relationship building process. As a result Jim's conversion rate quadrupled while his time to make those results happen was reduced by two thirds.

Jim has created a new sales/selling concept that is the melding of his experience and his advanced coaching called Mach 1 Relationships. He is releasing an audio training series in October that focuses on teaching these advanced skills as well as the basics and foundational concepts that are part of this new system.

Jim continues to host his weekly Getting in Your Game call, a free success training tele-seminar for any individual seeking to see inside the mind, and learn the actions and behaviors of an agreesive entrepreneur.

Jim is considered a "rainmaker" by his peers and he subscribes to the "Think Huge" mentality. To learn more, simply subscribe to his mail list and visit the "Communities" page in this web site.

Education, Seminars and Workshops

  • De LaSalle High '80
  • University of New Orleans
  • Rochester Institute of Technology '85 -Printing and Systems Engineering
  • EPI - Passport to Prosperity
  • EPI- Wealth and Self Conference (3)
  • Marc Victor Hanson - Mega Speaking
  • T. Harv Ecker - Millionaire Mind Intensive
  • T. Harv Ecker - Train the Trainer
  • Jeffry Combs - Breakthroughs 1, More Heart Than Talent
  • The System - Ken McCarthy - Internet Marketing
  • Perry Marshall Internet Marketing Renaissance Group 2006-2007
  • Kenrick Cleveland Elite Coaching Program

Groups and Associations

  • Marc Victor Hansen MEGA Inner Circle Member
  • Perry Marshall Renaissance Roundtable Member 2006 - 2007
  • The System Club - Ken Mc Carthy
  • Coastal Conservation Association
Jim speaking in Toronto
Jim speaking in Toronto
Jim speaking in Panama
Jim speaking in Toronto
Jim receiving a $2500 award
Jim receiving award from Alonso
Jim receiving award from Alonso
Jim receiving a $2500 award
Team Falcon in Bahamas
At Home

Jim relaxing on a boat in Panama
Jim catching tuna
Jim with a wahoo
Jim on the bridge of PACESETTER

Jim and his two daughters
Jim and Meredith on a boat in Bahamas
Jim and Anne at dinner
Jim and Meredith at dinner
Meredith and Anne at Atlantis
Meredith and Anne in Houston - Katrina Exiles
Jim and his Girls with Dr's Ellie and Charlie Drake and Family give 1,000 toys away to disadvantaged kids in New Orleans December 2006
The First Documented (Direct Sales Company Name Ommited by Contract) Live Event, Dinner in Atlanta, May 2007 at Ellie Drake's Event
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